Declaration of our Core Values

We hereby declare:

  1. We believe all men and women are equal, deserve the same opportunities in life and work, their individual human rights and privacy, their freedom of speech and their freedom to determine their own way of life.

  2. We object to and eliminate all kinds and forms of discrimination, whether based on religion, belief, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender or physical disability.

  3. We object to and eliminate all kinds and forms of violence, whether physically, verbally, psychology, sexually, by encouragement or incitement etc..

  4. We respect every person.

  5. We oppose to abuse of employees. Our employees receive all of their rights.

  6. We ensure the health and safety of our employees.

  7. We always act in honesty and integrity. We never compromise the truth.

  8. We comply all ethics, whether of civil society or professional.

  9. We care about the environment. We take all necessary steps to protect the environment.

  10. We do not intentionally violate any rights of third parties (intellectual properties, contractual, by law or constitution etc.).

  11. We do not break the law intentionally. We make all efforts to work in compliance to all relevant laws and regulations.

  12. We love animals. We never harm or abuse animals.

  13. We believe in  a good society and act in our daily actions to promote a better society.

  14. We are committed to produce a great product, service, and other initiatives that impact lives within and outside the organization.

  15. All of our suppliers and business collaborators are expected to act in accordance to our values and we will not accept or ignore violations of any of those values.